Robyn Atticks

I live an active and healthy lifestyle while teaching people to increase pleasure and avoid pain by utilizing natural solutions.

I am a life-loving, nature-loving, people-loving go-getter with dreams and a plan. Purity and integrity in choosing healthy products for my family are what inspired me to create the Shear Miracle Organics line of products. And while I love my Shear Miracle Organics, I must admit that using these pure, effective essential oils has empowered me to take control of my family's health and well-being, and sharing that power brings me joy and is addictive because they have literally changed our lives.

I am so thankful someone shared the power of essential oils with me!

Here's a bit of my essential oil journey story. We have been using dōTERRA essential oils daily for 4 years now. My 8- and 9-year-olds don't know life without them. Our immune systems don't get compromised, as in so many homes! If our bodies need extra therapeutic support, we "have an oil for that," and it rarely lasts longer than 24 hours. If we have strong emotions that living this life can bring, we "have an oil for that," and it helps us cope and move on in a healthy way.

Our lives seriously get better and better with each day, and a big part is owed to someone sharing dōTERRA essential oils with me and to us taking the chance and jumping in with everything we could.

Sharing with others about these powerful, life-changing help aids has brought many friendships into our lives, and we absolutely love it.

A nation-wide (and becoming world-wide) family of friends and like-minded individuals networking together to spread the news of natural health and wellness, utilizing the power of essential oils. We support each other by sharing our successes, asking questions, sharing information and scientific findings, etc. We have a private Facebook page you will be added to for local meetings and online events.

Joining our "club" is as simple as purchasing a wholesale membership. This is a lot like joining Costco. You purchase a yearly membership, and you get discounted prices and a whole lot of added benefits.

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